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Pam's Past Times Antiques


Pam’s Past Times Antiques is a unique trip into the past... with a sprinkling of the present.

Owners Pam and Chelsea Carpenter invite you to take your time perusing a continuously changing selection of collectibles, artwork, furniture, jewelry, glass, pottery and more in their historic Skagit Valley location. Copious but uncluttered, Pam’s Past Times Antiques offers a family-friendly environment that appeals to your sense of nostalgia and appreciation for timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

Our Story

We LoveOld Stuff

“When I was a girl my mother would give me a quarter to buy something with my friends from our local Arctic Circle. My friends would buy hamburgers, but I would go to the second-hand store across the street and buy pretty glasses and plates. Collecting antiques is like an addiction — and owning an antique shop is a lot of hard work, but it kind of takes you over. Our whole family loves ‘old stuff.’

We’ve been selling antiques out of our Victorian home in Sedro-Woolley. We don’t use vendors — everything you see in our store was personally selected by us, and a lot of it comes from buying trips we make across the country.

People respond to things that remind them of their family past or events in their lives — to good memories. We have a really nice clientele who come regularly and keep us in business. There are people who may only come here once a year from New York, but they keep coming back whenever they’re in the Skagit Valley. Next to our love for antiques, it’s our customers that are the best thing about our business. That, and the fact that I can bring my dog to work with me!�?

- Pam Carpenter

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